Step 2 – Choose your Chain

Step 2 – Choose your Chain

We have many chains to choose from with different colours and styles. If you would prefer a bracelet pendant, choose a bracelet pendant from the bracelet category. All of our bracelet pendants have a chain included. Some of our pendants have a chain included (please refer to full product description) but you can add a different chain if desired. We recommend matching your chain and pendant colour tones for a more appealing design. We stock a variety of sterling silver chains for a luxury addition to a silver tone creation.

Choose your pendant, chain, charms and crystals to create your own unique design! 

Perfect Precious Pendants is the first UK based company to offer personalized photograph back plates. View our large selection of pendants, charms and birthstones to create a perfect gift for your loved one. Click on the how it works page to see the stages in creating your pendant. Please contact us if you have any questions or special requests.

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