Step 5 – Add Birthstones & Crystals

Step 5 – Add Birthstones & Crystals

Adding birthstones and crystals will add colour, meaning and sparkle to your pendant. You could continue a chosen colour scheme, especially if you are designing items to match your wedding theme! Or you could add your loved one’s birth months, creating a beautiful rainbow coloured design or just add your favourite colours. For a luxury addition you can add sparkly Swarovski crystals, perfect for a celebratory creation! Our colour crystals measure approx. 2mm in diameter and Swarovski approx. 3.6mm in diameter.

Choose your pendant, chain, charms and crystals to create your own unique design! 

Perfect Precious Pendants is the first UK based company to offer personalized photograph back plates. View our large selection of pendants, charms and birthstones to create a perfect gift for your loved one. Click on the how it works page to see the stages in creating your pendant. Please contact us if you have any questions or special requests.

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